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The Lord is my shepherd

Did you ever see a picture of the good shepherd? The gras is green, there is a babbling stream and in the middle you see Jesus with a staff in his hand and a sheep on his shoulder. The field is green, there are some flowers, there is fresh water, it is a beautiful image. Today we are going to focus on this image.


Today “Hosanna”, tomorrow “Crucify him”?

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem for the Jewish holiday of Passover. Jesus rode a young donkey into the Jerusalem and was greeted by a large crowd with palm branches and people shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David”. A few days later people asked for his crucifixion. Why? Why did Jesus have to suffer. Listen to my podcast to find out more.


What’s in a name?

A name matters and especially Jesus’ name. In this sermon I will think about Jesus, his name and his life. There have been done lots of terrible things in Jesus’ name but let’s focus on the good. Last week died Desmond Tutu, an Anglican bishop in South Africa. He has been doing good things in Jesus’ name. In this service we remember him. Feel free to listen! This sermon was part of an online service. The whole service you find here: